Production Suite 01

Check out our beautiful production suite. Designed for producing, mixing and mastering. More »

The Live Room

Our live room has excellent sound and a nice vibe. It is equipped with a professional percussion section and a range of high quality mics More »

The Control Suite

The control room is a well equipped space with 2-way video link-up to the live room and with the ability to record up to 16 channels simultaniously More »


Voiceover Recording for Mirage Entertainment


mmexport1445440385500r Recording for Mirage Entertainment

Producing a Beat for Dennis (N1)



Sound Design for UP Studio’s New Animation



Vital MC Recoding new mixtape with Missy Chrissy




Tuning the drums ….. And mic placement!

The devil is in the details! The mark of a good engineer is to achieve a good drum recording… It takes a lot of experimentation with mic placement to find the sweet spots of ten microphones to achieve the desired sound.

Voiceover Recording: Boomi Chinese Animation

Recording voiceovers for 3 actors today; for the Boomi & Beebop chinese animation .. Will be released next month!

Lord Cesario producing a new dubstep track at the studio this week


Promo Video

Promo video for the upcoming E.P from Ninety Nine band … Produced at Ctrl Sound Studios Shanghai

ep 2013 pro

Louis Vuitton @ Ctrl Sound Studios

We are pleased to welcome new client; Louis Vuitton to Ctrl Sound Studios this week. The first project involves vocal recording for an upcoming advertisement.

Vital MC & Missy Chrissy vocal recording @ CTRL Sound Studios earlier today

Vital MC and Missy Chrissy came to the studio today to lay down the vocals on a track for an upcoming screen play