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Neumann TLM49 Vocal Recording!

Recording Vocals today @ Ctrl HQ with arguably one of the best vocal microphones on the market today.The TLM 49 is a large-diaphragm studio microphone with a cardioid directional characteristic and a warm sound which is especially optimized for vocal performance!!

Bass Guitar Recording …

Today we decided to use three microphones and a DI box to capture the bass guitar.

1 Room mic (condenser) – to capture the sound of our live room and add depth to the recording

1st close-up mic – positioned on axis at the centre of the speaker cone to emphasize the mid – high end frequencies.

2nd close-up mic – positioned off axis at the side of the speaker cone to capture the low – mid frequencies.

DI Box – a dry signal to capture the transients/attack of the bass tone.

When using more than one microphone special attention needs to be given to the phase relationship of the mics so no cancellation occurs. The 3 to 1 rule is a good place to start and then listening to the mics for phase issues in the ctrl room.

Ninety Nine Band – Load in

Backline equipment arrives for the Ninety nine band! Recording their album this week at CTRL Sound Studios

Detroit rapper Zeus Irons new album – produced mixed and mastered at CTRL


Talented rapper Zeus Irons from music mecca Detroit is touring China for a few months. While out east he called on the CTRL Sound Studios team to produce, mix and master his new mixtape which is now featured on … Check out the tracks below:

Zeus Irons – Orange Lawn ( – Produced, Mixed & Mastered at CTRL by ctrlsoundstudios

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Skrillex & 12 Planet making beats @ CTRL Sound Studios


Skrillex one of the most sought-after DJs and producers in the world today, with five grammy nominations last year, a total first for such a new electronic artist. He’s already burned the US down with his screaming, wobbly noises. Biggest Shanghai booking of the year? Yes the man himself Skrillex & 12 Planet hired the CTRL Sound Studios for the day to come and work on new material. Having not met Skrillex before we didn’t know what to expect, but he was a really nice guy & we hope to have him back again soon!

UK advert gets the CTRL Sound treatment

ParkourStill copy 2

CTRL Sound Studios recently completed the soundtrack for a new advert for a UK based media agency, Bandstand. The advert features 3 parkour runners cruising around London and required a energetic breakbeat style track, that was commercial but also cutting edge. The client was extremely happy witht the result and so were we.

123 Parkour – Produced by CTRL Sound Studios

Theo Croker at CTRL!


Theo Croker, grandson of Grammy Award winning trumpeter Doc Cheatham headed down to CTRL Sound Studios to record some trumpet in our live room.

Chivas at CTRL


With the doors now open, clients are rolling in and first up is Chivas & Shine Communications who needed to record backing vocals for a national tour starring various dancers and singers. The results were great and sample will be up for you to hear soon.

Official Releases from the CTRL camp

Antidote Asia E.P

Our creative director, Conrank has been busily working away and his efforts have finally come to a conclusion. Working with artists from around asia, Conrank has created a 5 track E.P which is now available for sale on beatport. Have a listen to the E.P below.

Conrank – Antidote Asia E.P (OUT NOW ON BEATPORT) by ConRank